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Lactolab – an overview

Established in 2002, Lactolab is a leading analytical laboratory serving the South African dairy and related industries.

Located on the ARC campus in Irene, Lactolab’s main focus is the analysis of raw milk and dairy products for composition, microbiological quality and various other quality parameters. Lactolab also plays an important role in the monitoring of milk and dairy product quality and safety in the South African market by the Dairy Standard Agency by carrying out a range of analyses on their behalf.

Our lab, our people

Lactolab is a leading dairy laboratory and most of our tests are SANAS accredited. Our dedicated staff use automated equipment to cost-effectively analyse raw milk for a variety of quality and compositional parameters.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a standard turnaround time of 24 hours after samples are received for all automated tests. Farmers wanting hygiene results, for instance, can expect same day feedback thanks to automated counting of individual bacteria in raw milk (Bactocount).

Our equipment

The instruments and technology we use are cutting-edge and we are committed to continuously staying abreast of current developments. All instruments are internationally approved and meet or exceed IDF (International Dairy Federation) and/ or ICAR (International Commission on Milk Recording) criteria. Furthermore, the accuracy of results from the instruments is locally and internationally benchmarked. Key personnel receive full technical training on these instruments.

Our customers

Our clients and customers range from major dairy companies to over 1700 dairy farmers nationwide who need rapid, reliable testing. Our footprint means that we can cater to your needs countrywide, whether large corporation or small operation.

Our promise

Lactolab strives to provide Rapid, Reliable Results – confidentiality guaranteed. In so doing, we contribute to our customers delivering quality dairy products to the South African consumer and supporting the dairy industry as a whole.